Strategies, Practices and Experiments in Cooperative Creation of HEG Neurofeedback Sessions for ADHD, Learning Enhancement and Peak Performance

Ralph Warnke and Dr. Sandra Gonçalves
2-day Workshop
April 9-10, 2019

HEG is an attractive and growingly popular form of neurofeedback training. Using NIRS based technology (near infrared sensors), it offers a swift and effective solution aside from EEG based neurofeedback.

In this workshop, you will learn about neurofeedback and current research and findings. Likewise you will be introduced to practical experience in the day-to-day clinical application of HEG neurofeedback.

The workshop will provide both solid background information as well as hands-on experience for you. Self-applying HEG neurofeedback both in analysis and training will enable you to determine the method’s value to your clinical and/or research related work.

We will examine two different presentations of ADHD diagnosis in male adolescents and the creative co-designing of the sessions that the HEG equipment and software allowed us to explore. How does “the more I study, the poorer grades I get” translated into HEG recordings in scripted and open display sessions and what “paying attention” meant to this person. How another young boy, interested in technology, was able to summon his meta-cognitive abilities with the help of HEG to challenge himself to find out tipping points, strategies to pay attention to “boring” videos and started to define “paying attention” as “a feeling of being interested”. In an attempt to clarify the subjective experiences of attention and relaxation, their bodily clues and the strategies used to move between these two states, a tentative shared common library is being created with the contributions from several HEG users.

Learning Objectives

  • Benefits of HEG neurofeedback
  • ADHD treatment applying HEG neurofeedback
  • Integrating HEG neurofeedback with low-level brain training
  • Session creation and treatment plans for improved focus and attention

About Ralph Warnke, MA

Ralph Warnke is managing partner of MediTECH – a research prone SME based in the Hannover region. He has more than 25 years of teaching experience and is a speaker at numerous specialist congresses and advanced training events on topics such as biofeedback / neurofeedback, listening comprehension as well as innovative teaching and learning methods.

As leader and partner of a number of national and international research projects with interdisciplinary project partners (e.g. Medical University of Hannover, Sheffield university, Universities of Bamberg and Magdeburg,…), Ralph Warnke and his team have developed unique test and training methods in the past 20+ years in the areas of language, attention, brain performance training and neurophysiological entrainment. The focus is on linking brain performance training, biofeedback and other effective methods in the fields of sports and management peak performance, learning enhancement and various fields of therapy.

About Dr. Sandra Gonçalves

Psychologist (University of Lisbon, 1996) licenced member of OPP (2010).

Researcher in the Psychophisiology of Modified States of Consciousness (Bial grants, 1994-1997). Co-Editor of Psicologia da Consciência, Lidel (2003)

Consultant (special needs/ giftedness) for the recently released ISO 21001 standard (2016-2018)

Develops several projects in the field of social education – with schools, the municipalities and private agents.

Works with dreams and dreamwork both as a clinician and as a trainer (Portugal, Athens – Bionoesys, Romenia – University of Timisoara).

As a councelor and speaker, has worked mainly in the field of education (pre and perinatal education, giftedness, metacognition, education paradigms, methods and experiences) and Dreamwork (1998 – present)

Started working with HEG neurofeedback (2018)