CANCELLED Blood Volume Pulse Amplitude (BVA) applications in Stress Management and in Trauma Therapy

Dr. Yuval Oded
1-day Workshop
April 13

While working with the blood volume pulse (BVP) most clinicians tend to only look at the heart rate which is a derived signal from the BVP. However it overlooks a much more sensitive indicator of emotional arousal and sympathetic activity – blood volume pulse amplitude (BVA).
In this workshop I will share clinical observations and research findings from over 15 years of working and studying BVA.

The workshop will focus on:

  • Adding BVA to the psychophysiological assessment.
  • Using BVA monitor and improve self regulation skills
  • Practice physiological desensitization
  • Explore emotions, thoughts and feelings associated with hyper-vigilance
  • Use BVP amplitude as an indicator of changes in
  • Introducing the BFB™ method for monitoring and training for peripheral blood flow changes (rapid BVP changes precede changes in peripheral temperature).
  • Introducing the CBT-BF™ method for integrating BVA in psychotherapy with PTSD, mindfulness training and in inter- personal biofeedback.

Workshop will include live demonstrations and a practice session.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the physiological basis of BVA
  • Using BVA for monitoring emotional changes
  • How may BVA be used in psychotherapy

About Dr. Yuval Oded

Yuval Oded is a Coginitive Behavioral Therapist and a biofeedback practitioner. Director of the Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychophysiological Clinic in Tel Aviv (CBT-BF™). CEO of Psy-Phi Advanced Psychological Solutions-providing and developing stress management and peak performance training – MentalGym™ . Co- creator of the Alive biofeedback comprehensive training platform. Co-founder of the IBNA (Israeli Biofeedback-Neurofeedback Association).