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Invited and Keynote Speakers

Research and Implementation of a Resilience Prevention Program Based on 3RD Wave CBT and Body Work Integration
Interdisciplinary Center Herzlia, Israel; Cohen Hariss Resilience Center, Tel-Aviv Israel; Tel-Aviv-Brüll Community Mental Health Center; Clalit Health Services
Email: dhamiel@gmail.com

In this lecture, I will present our prevention program for building resilience along different stages of life cycle, from kindergarten through adulthood, and in various areas such as education and medicine. Recently, the program has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education to be part of the regular curriculum of every school in Israel. I will describe how the principles of the 3rd wave of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), with an emphasis on body work and mindfulness techniques, are manifested in the program. The presentation involves demonstration of the main techniques and models of the program.

Ten Principles of Integrating Mindfulness and Self-Compassion into Biofeedback Practice
Interdisciplinary Center Herzlia, Israel; Cohen Hariss Resilience Center, Tel-Aviv Israel; Tel-Aviv-Brüll Community Mental Health Center; Clalit Health Services
Email: dhamiel@gmail.com

Mindfulness, self-compassion, and biofeedback are powerful, empirically-supported approaches to working with challenging problems, from anxiety and depression to pain and other psychophysiological conditions. When mindfulness and self-compassion are integrated into biofeedback, these approaches help clients experience change through kind, spacious awareness of their experience (mindfulness) and themselves (compassion). In this talk, we will discuss 10 practical skills for integrating these key resources into your biofeedback practice.

Integrating Smart Brain Training Solutions
MediTECH, Wedemark, Germany
Email: ralph.warnke@meditech.de

Bringing out the best in our clients‘ performance remains one of the key aims and challenges alike for most healthcare professionals. While neurofeedback by itself – be it EEG, SCP or HEG based – already offers great potential, there are additional training solutions that can easily be integrated with neurofeedback training and that apparently provide highly intensive brain training solutions:

Low level functions are very basic brain processing skills that apparently are quite essential to language processing and other cognitive skills. Capabilities such as auditory processing speed, spatial hearing or pitch discrimination are essential to an accurate and automatic speech perception. A test and training solution of eight key low-level functions has shown to be highly effective in improving language performance, auditory perception as well as reading and writing skills. Senior citizens additionally showed great improvements in the trail making test (TMT) as an indicator for specific cognitive skills after conducting an extended low-level training.

Lateral training further expands the possibilities of integrated brain training. In the process, the client perceives auditory and visual information alternating from left to right, effectively integrating the two brain hemisphere to constantly interact and process the shifting stimuli. fMRI based studies showed highly significant increases in brain activity in functional illiterates, alongside with vast improvements of their respective reading and writing skills.

Combining these two training techniques with neurofeedback has shown additional effects for different patient groups. Particularly HEG neurofeedback has shown to be an easy form of application to integrate these complementary training solutions. Exemplary case results will be presented as well as existing research from the field. Further research cooperations are encouraged.

The author has more than 20 years of experience in this field and participated in a number of related research projects both nationally and internationally. His key expertise is to develop and integrate effective analytical and training solutions in order to advance clients in learning, attention, language processing and peak performance.