A Message from our President

It is hard to believe that the Biofeedback Federation of Europe will celebrate its 20th Meeting, April 8-13, 2019. Although each meeting has been in a different location, there has been one common theme: Learn From the Best. By bringing together the best international instructors, researchers, clinicians and speakers, we have been able to consistently provide the highest quality of education. The workshops and scientific meeting have provided so many opportunities to meet and learn from each other. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to explore new approaches and learn from the many informal discussions over coffee, lunch and dinner.

Just as important as the presenters, are all of you who have attended the BFE Meeting throughout the years. We have been privileged to receive delegates from over 25 different countries at each of our past three meetings. After each meeting, we receive positive feedback about the camaraderie that exists at our meeting and the opportunity to learn in such a welcoming environment. We too, feel connected and inspired by all we have learned, the people we have met and ideas that have been exchanged.

We look forward to have you join and participate in the 2019 Cardiff meeting to help celebrate our 20th anniversary.


Erik Peper
BFE Advisory Board President